Medical services


The heart is one of the most important and most vulnerable part of the human body. We will provide you with a comprehensive examination of the heart, blood vessel, lung function and find out if you do not stop breathing in sleep when snoring, which is a significant risk factor of cordially vascular diseases.

Cardiology examination by specialist + echocardiography (30 min)
6.600 CZK
Stress Bicycloergometry Examination (30 min)
2.600 CZK
Holter Watching Electrocardiogram (24 hours)
2.600 CZK
Holter Watching Blood Pressure and Pulse (24 hours)
2.500 CZK
Tracking snoring and breathing in sleep
2.950 CZK
Spirometry (15 min)
1.100 CZK
Genetic examination on cardiovascular disposition (5 min)
5.200 CZK


We recommend for women to pass at least once a year gynecological examination and the breast examination at the same time. Tumors in this area are in women of one of the most common.

Gynecological examination by a specialist (30 min)
4.900 CZK
Cytological Oncology Examination (10 min)
2.500 CZK
Comprehensive cultivation (10 min)
6.000 CZK
Genetic examination for breast tumors comprehensive (10 min)
28.000 CZK


Diabetes mellitus is a very frequent civilization disease that has a number of vascular, neurological, renal and eye complications. If these complications are detected in time and diabetes mellitus properly treated, diabetics live the same age as other populations.

Examination by specialist diabetologist (30 min)
2.500 CZK
Monitoring glycaemia I-PRO (3 days)
6.000 CZK
Determination of glycated hemoglobin (5 min)
360 CZK
Determination of C-peptide fasting and hour after meal (5 min)
1.500 CZK
Genetic Examination to Diabetes Mellitus risk (5 min)
4.200 CZK
Determination of antibodies against insulin (5 min)
2.190 CZK


Thyroid diseases are currently very frequent and may be the cause of fatigue, reduced mobility, increased body weight. Determination of female hormones can uncover hormonal dysbalance disorders. We recommend completing the endocrinological examination at least once a year.

Examination by specialist - endocrinologist (30 min)
2.500 CZK
Comprehensive determination of thyroid hormones and antibodies (5 min)
5.130 CZK
Determination of female sex hormones (5 min)
5.360 CZK
Determination of male sex hormones (5 min)
2.136 CZK


Prevention of tumors of the digestive tract and gynecological ensures the prevention of tumor development and its treatment.

Preventive examination on digestive tract tumors (5 min)
12.240 CZK
Examination of digestive tract Oncomarkers (5 min)
3.654 CZK
Examination of Gynecological Oncomarkers (5 min)
2.738 CZK


We recommend for men in working age to complete urological examination once a year and thus primarily precede prostate tumors and inflammatory urological diseases.

Urological examination by specialist incl. Sonography (30 min)
4.900 CZK
Urethral swab examination
2.000 CZK
Flexible cystoscopy
6.000 CZK


Sonography is an ultrasonic diagnostic method free of any side negative effects. It has an irreplaceable place in the diagnosis of tumors, inflammations, stones in the gallbladder and urinary tract.

Sonography of kidneys, bladder and prostate
2.500 CZK
Thyroid sonography
2.500 CZK
Breast sonography and lymph nodes in armpit
3.500 CZK
Sonographic examination of cervical blood vessels
4.500 CZK
Sonography of lower limbs vessels
4.500 CZK


Karlovy Vary are the world-famous spa in the treatment of the digestive tract diseases. Detailed diagnostics is the basis for determining the correct and successful treatment.

Esophagogastroscopy incl. biopsy and photo documentation (30 min)
6.929 CZK
Colonoscopy incl. medication before examination and photo documentation (40 min)
7.580 CZK
Intestinal lavage incl. Sigmoidoscopy (30 min)
4.035 CZK
Determination of food intolerance (5 min)
13.200 CZK
Determination of antibodies against gluten (5 min)
3.500 CZK
Breath test for Helicobacter Pylori (5 min)
2.450 CZK
Breath test for pancreatic lipase (5 min)
9.250 CZK
Capsule endoscopy of the digestive tract (from the ingestion of the capsule to its expulsion)
45.000 CZK

CT EXAMINATION (Computing Tomography)

The CT examination is carried out in cooperation with the University Faculty Hospital in Pilsen on the last generation devices.

CT Abdomen (10 min)
16.500 CZK
CT Coronarography (Heart Vascular Examination) (10 min)
22.000 CZK
CT Chest incl. Lungs (10 min)
16.500 CZK
CT Brain (10 min)
16.500 CZK

MR EXAMINATION (Magnetic Resonance)

Examination of the magnetic resonance is without radiation load and has an irreplaceable contribution to the diagnosis of diseases of musculoskeletal, liver and prostate and breast tumors. MR Examination is carried out at the University Faculty Hospital Pilsen on the last generation devices.

MR Spine (20 min)
22.000 CZK
MR Skull incl. Brain (20 min)
16.500 CZK
MR Liver (20 min)
16.500 CZK
3T MR Prostate (20 min)
27.500 CZK
MR Breasts (20 min)
22.000 CZK

PET EXAMINATION (Positron Tomography)

For exclusion of tumor metastases is the gold standard examination by Positron Tomography CT and MR.

PET CT (30 min)
88.000 CZK
PET MR (30 min)
95.000 CZK