Wellness and Spa

Swimming pool

Swimming is not only an attractive sporting discipline but also the popular method of active rest and relaxation.

Whirpool - Jacuzzi

The whirlpool is relaxation equipment working on the principle of hydrotherapy; and most of the time, it combines the water air massage and water flow massage.

Finnish sauna

These days full of stress, the sauna became the best tool for a removal of fatigue and tension.

Turkish sauna – Steam bath

The steam bath was popular a long time ago before our times, and these days, it is a fitting tool for relaxation for a number of us.

Salt cave

The salt cave is a place, where you can calm down and let the power of the salt act upon you. One therapy in the salt cave takes 55 minutes.

Kneipp ’s footbath

It is a part of hydrotherapy which consists in walking in water on pebbles in artificial streamlet.


You can use our modern fitness center individually or under a supervision of a personal trainer who shall teach you how to exercise properly and compile your training schedule.