Kneipp ’s footbath


Which problems Kneipp's footbath helps to solve?

  • Helps in cases of chronically cold feet and warms the body
  • Counteracts colds: perform at the very start of a cold, that is, before the first sign of a scratchy throat, sniffles, chills
  • Helps in cases of chronic paranasal and frontal sinusitis
  • Relieves most rheumatic diseases
  • Helps in cases of vasospasms
  • Has a reflexive effect on the abdominal organs
  • Facilitates falling asleep

Kneipp's footbath - It is a part of hydrotherapy that consists of walking in the water on pebbles. The footbath consists of two water containers, each large enough to walk. Into one container is poured enough cold water, and the other container is filled with hot water. The cold water may be held at a level of about 10°C to 16°C and the hot water at 38°C to 44°C. The leg or legs are first placed in the hot water for four to six minutes and then at once in the cold water for one to two minutes. For the client to finish the treatment with a feeling of comfort should be in the hot water.

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