The brand new salt cave

The brand new salt cave

The salt cave is a place, where you can calm down and let the power of the salt act upon you. One therapy in the salt cave takes 55 minutes. During this time you are lying on very comfortable sun beds and relaxing with the accompaniment of colorful lighting and a soothing music.

Light treatment uses warm color shades of yellow, orange and red.

It is recommended to take long-sleeved clothes with you. The temperature in the salt cave is around 20-23 degrees Celsius. If you get cold in the salt cave, you can use a warm blanket to cover yourself.

It is said that one visit to the salt cave is worth of three days at the seaside.

Which problems salt cave helps to solve?

  • Upper and lower respiratory tract problems – bronchial asthma, lung disease, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, respiratory allergy of children and adults (therapy promotes the activity of the ciliary epithelium of respiratory tract, helps dissolve mucus, eases expectoration)
  • Skin diseases – skin allergies, psoriasis, adult and children dermatitis (microfilm of salt deposited on the skin increases blood circulation, hydration and softens it, thus restoring its natural elasticity, resistance and immunity)
  • Certain types of allergies
  • Cardiovascular disease – high blood pressure, coronary heart disease including myocardial infarction, peripheral circulatory and circulatory disorders
  • Decreased function of thyroid – hypothyroidism
  • Digestive diseases – gastric and duodenal ulcer disease, Crohn’s disease, nonspecific colon inflammation.
  • Nervous system disorders – neurosis, depression, stress, fatigue, overwork, chronic fatigue syndrome, winter depression syndrome (SAD)
  • Rheumatic problems – therapy relieves inflammation, reduces levels of pain
  • Wrinkle smoothing, faster fat burning, slowing of aging
  • Immune disorders (children and adults)
  • Strengthens the immunity of the body

Stay in the salt cave is not recommended for people suffering from diseases such as thyroid hyperfunction, cancer, claustrophobia, acute inflammatory conditions and tuberculosis.

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