If you like playing tennis or if you’d like to learn how to play, we recommend a visit to the Gejzír Park (Geyser Park) in Karlovy Vary – Březová which is situated about 6 km from the Savoy Westend hotel.

The whole facility is nestled in the picturesque setting of the Teplá river and is surrounded by spa forests and parks. The tennis facility offers 14 open-air tennis courts and a tennis dome containing 2 courts on which tennis can be played all year round regardless of weather.

However, there are further tennis facilities, of which we would like to mention the following:

  • Imperial Sport Center (Karlovy Vary).
  • Lokomotiva Tennis Club (Karlovy Vary – Tuhnice).
  • Starý Mlýn Tennis Club (Karlovy Vary – Březová).
  • Rolava Tennis Club (Karlovy Vary – Čankovská).
Transport and tennis equipment rental can be arranged to suit each client’s specific needs.
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