Horseback riding


Spend a perfect day horseback riding in the nearby community of Depoltovice which hosts a top quality riding facility. We can assist in the organization of this activity and if you are a beginner, you can use the services of an experienced trainer. First, you book several riding lessons in a riding hall and then you go for a short, trainer-guided riding tour outdoors. If you already have riding experience, you can go on a riding tour without additional training and take pleasure in the beauty of the local scenery. Regardless of your riding skills, everyone will appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of a theme tavern on the premises of the riding facility.

Also worth mentioning are the regular events organized by the horseback riding club, for example, show jumping or entertainment and competition afternoon programs for children who can take a pony ride.

Whatever the reason that brings you to Depoltovice, remember to put a few snacks in your bag. Your new four-legged friends will appreciate it!

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