SPA services

Spa treatments use in Karlovy Vary natural healing resources - especially mineral spring, natural gas, wraps and irreplaceable climate.

Natural healing resources are recommended and determined by the attending physician upon arrival in the spa. Procedures will provide you with our highly skilled masseurs and physiotherapists.

You have free access to the highest quality swimming pool in Karlovy Vary, Whirlpool, Sauna World with dry and steam sauna, Kneipp procedures, cooling pools.


Classical massage total
1.500 CZK
Aroma-massage total
1.700 CZK
Sport massage total
1.500 CZK
Underwater automatic massage
770 CZK
Traditional Thai program 90 minutes
2.700 CZK
Anti Cellulite Massage total
2.500 CZK


Carbonate Bath
880 CZK
Peat bath
900 CZK
Bath with herbs
880 CZK
Water tractions
1.250 CZK


Functional magnetic stimulation Magneto-Stim
500 CZK
Selective radio frequency therapy TR - THERAPY
1.250 CZK
Vacuum compression therapy EXTREMITER
1.600 CZK
500 CZK
Wrap Pack
550 CZK