Week for the man health


7 nights / 8 days

Program includes*:
7× Luxury accommodation
7× Breakfast + full board (buffet)
7× Complex spa treatment:
        3× spa procedures per day
        3× medical examinations (initial, check-up and final)
        1× basic laboratory blood test.
1× Vitamin D
1× Ateropanel
1× PSA oncomarker
1× Testosterone
1× Prolactin
1× Glycosylated hemoglobin
1× IINR blood coagulation
4× MagnetoStym – therapy of potency disorders
1× Sigmoideoscopy
1× Urology consultation
1× ECG
1× Body monitoring
1× Nutritionist Consultation

* The attending physician reserves the right to formulate a treatment program depending on the patient’s health state.

* This package is sold as part of the complex spa treatment with full board.

25m Swimming pool, Sauna, Steam bath, Whirlpool, Kneipp’s footbath, Contrast bath, Fitness center and salt cave

The minimal length of stay is 7 nights. The recommended length of stay is 21 nights.

The price for the package starts from 950 EUR per person / 7 nights and must be added in addition to the price for the FBT package.

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