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Medical Programs


In the Savoy Westend, your figure will get even closer to your ideal thanks to the new body forming, conditioned by systematic fat reduction, either by improving one’s lifestyle, physical activity or with the use of medicine.

We have prepared a unique programme of long-term and healthy weight loss. The fight with your redundant kilograms starts at your plate and with trainers on. The combination of light and balanced food, unique spa procedures and therapies utilizing natural elements to stimulate the lymph and supported by modern devices to increase blood circulation in the trouble zones, will purify your body and reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.

It will stimulate your metabolism; increase your inner power and energy. During the programme, your nutrition therapist will measure you by the Tanita BC Innerscan. This device diagnoses the content and distribution of muscle, subcutaneous fat and water and counts BMI. The nutrition therapist can assign suitable diet and propose changes to your existing diet, consistent with the results. Drinking is essential. During the whole stay you will be provided with sufficient amount of spring water and detox teas.

The programme consists of light balanced diet rich in proteins, vegetables and fruit, drinking regime, anticelulite massage, large intestine detox/enema but primarily you will be provided with suggestions for a suitable exercise routine. It will focus on stretching and firming muscles, support of the lymphatic system and mild sports activities promoting the body detox. You will get free entry to the gym including a POWER PLATE demonstration. The POWER PLATE device works by transmitting vibrations into muscles that are forced to work faster, contract and flex reflectively. The vibrations accelerate the effect and the whole training becomes more intensive. This way time can be saved and it can be used for toning the body and reducing celulitis, increasing muscle strenth, increasing bone density, neuromuscular function support and to increase blood circulation. In the healing processes vibrations serve as a part of prophylaxis and rehabilitation after injuries. You can also enjoy another recommended BODY – MIND activty, yoga, supervised by a fitness instructor. Enjoy our wellness & spa (swimming pool, sauna, steam room, whirlpool and a relaxation room).

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