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Wellness and Spa Afrodite

Swimming pool

Swimming is not only an attractive sporting discipline but also the popular method of active rest and relaxation. Swimming belongs to the basic human skills and may bring you not only a lot of fun and joy but also improve your physical condition, and it may even be an effective supplement to rehabilitation. As a bonus for making the effort at fighting the swimming pool length, you can enjoy a pleasant massage by any of the massaging jets built in our swimming pool.

Whirpool - Jacuzzi
The whirlpool is relaxation equipment working on the principle of hydrotherapy; and most of the time, it combines the water air massage and water flow massage. In addition to the fact that the hydrotherapy releases a muscle tonus, it also tones up metabolism, removes tension and stress and increases the organism overal immunity. Its positive effect is also proven as to a reduction of a body weight, forming posture and removal of cellulitis. It balances blood pressure, increases a tissue blood circulation and causes its overall rejuvenation, improves a capillary return and cardiovascular system and avoids a rise of civilization diseases. It contributes to the improvement of a locomotory apparatus, reinforces and firms muscles, tendons attachments and joints.
Finish sauna
These days full of stress, the sauna became the best tool for a removal of fatigue and tension. The beneficial effects of a sauna are known over hundreds of years and so even today we use the wisdom of our predecessors for relaxation and reenergizing after a hard day. The sauna brings the physical and mental powers in balance and by energies, scent of wood and essences it brings us back to the nature. Tired muscles get released and the stressed brain relaxed since the body releases an ease-bringing substances such endorphins. Sauning on the regular basis improves the human immune system.
Turkish sauna – Steam bath
The steam bath was popular a long time ago before our times, and these days, it is a fitting tool for relaxation for a number of us. The steam bath has an effect on a human due to the air maximum humidity at the tempretaure of 50°C. You sweat in the steam bath but the air humidity does not permit the sweat to evaporate and so the body does not get cool. Lower temperatures and high air humidity (80 %) are very suitable for an application of various etheric oils and herbs. Find every day at least a short while and take advantage of a steam bath for your rest, and mainly, for your health.
Kneipp ’s footbath
It is a part of hydrotherapy which consists in walking in water on pebbles in artificial streamlet. It is used typically for Kneipp’s system walking in cold and warm water by rotation. Pebbles on the bottom of this artificial streamlet knead feet; alternating water temperature and exercise improve circulation. (Sebastian Kneipp was a German priest who developed integral system of natural healing which includes hydrotherapy, exercise, fytotherapy, nutrition and spirituality). Contrast bath is a further method of Kneipps hydrotherapy. A contrast bath consists of two water containers, each large enough to hold two legs. Into one container is poured enough cold water to cover the immersed leg, and the other container is filled with hot water. The cold water may be held at a level of about 10°C to 16°C and the hot water at 38°C to 44°C. The leg or legs are first placed in the hot water for four to six minutes and then at once in the cold water for one to two minutes. For the client to finish treatment with a feeling of comfort, the final immersion should be in the hot water. Contrast baths are used to stimulate local circulation in limbs without obstructive vascular pathology.
You can use our modern fitness center individually or under a supervision of a personal trainer who shall teach you how to exercise properly and compile your training schedule. You will do something for your health and beauty of your body as well as the exercise shall contribute to your mental comfort, release you from the accumulated stress and you will feel full of energy and power.