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Relax Spa Treatment

The Relax Spa Treatment program includes 1 spa procedure a day (7 procedures per week), an entrance medical.


Based on a client’s entrance examination an attending physician formulates an individual spa program considering the client’s condition. The spa program usually consists of:

  • 1 major procedure a day – a bath (hot mineral water, Jacuzzi, CO2 bath, etc.), massage (hydro massage, classical, reflexive massage, etc.), lymph drainage, peat wraps, paraffin, electric muscle therapy, magnet therapy, inhalation, etc.
  • Drinking cure adjusted to the client’s physical condition
  • Exercise (swimming in a pool, work out in a gym, hiking, etc.)

The spa treatment provided by the Savoy Westend Hotel exploits local natural curing sources – mineral water, carbon dioxide and peat. The hotel also runs its own laboratory a uses a broad range of laboratory examinations, which enables the doctors to determine an accurate diagnose within a few hours and to prescribe an individual therapeutic regimen. The major components of our spa procedures are hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, physical exercises, nutritional counseling and the drinking cure which uses local mineral springs. The effectiveness of the entire therapeutic process is further supported by outdoor activities and long walks in nearby forests. The Savoy Westend Hotel offers ideal conditions for outdoor lovers as it is situated in the immediate vicinity of spa groves and forests, and within a walking distance from forest promenades and look-out points.

The Savoy Westend offers a hundred of various diagnostic examinations and over 300 spa, therapeutic and cosmetic procedures. This treatment is designed for clients older than 10 years of age. The treatment of children aged 3 to 10 is indicated on a case-by-case basis and can be taken only after undergoing a special examination by a pediatrician.


Download List of procedures which are the part of the Relax Spa Treatments