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This is the Savoy Westend Hotel´s commercial website. Users who access this site agree to comply with the present legal notice.

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The relationship between the Savoy Westend Hotel and its customer is subject to Czech law. Any dispute not resolved will be settled by Czech courts. In accordance with laws concerning freedom of information, you are entitled to a right of access; to modify, rectify or delete personal data. For any consultation, please contact us.


Dear guests,

part of the relationship between our hotel and its guests involves following rules that contribute to providing first class accommodation and other services to the satisfaction of our customers. These rules were designed to minimize disruption to you during your stay in our hotel while guaranteeing the privacy and comfort of other guests.


On the day of arrival guests may use their room from 14:00, unless otherwise expressly agreed. Room reservation expires on the day of arrival should the expected guest(s) fail to register at the front desk no later until 23:59.
On the day of departure, guests may use their room until 12:00 pm, unless otherwise expressly agreed.
The hotel reserves the right to refuse a guest who fails to register on arrival. The required procedure for registration involves providing a valid form of identification in the form of identity card or passport at reception.
During check-in guests will receive an electronic room-keycard that must be returned to reception upon departure from the hotel.  In the event of loss of a room key-card, the hotel is entitled to charge a fee of 500 CZK for its deactivation and the issue of a new keycard. Guests are required to report lost keycards without delay to reception.


The Hotel endeavors to provide rooms and suites in a state fit for normal use to its guests.
Guests are entitled to use hotel services during their stay. For availability and conditions of such services please refer to the “Guest Directory” or the price list, respectively, such information can also be requested the reception.
In order to ensure the comfort of all residents we kindly request that night silence be respected in all areas of the hotel not specifically designed for entertainment between 22:00 and 8:00.
Any service complaints should be announced at reception during the guests stay at the hotel. Upon request by a guest or at the discretion of the hotel, the complaint should be described in writing and signed by the guest. Where possible, the complaint will be examined immediately, or where not possible the complaint will be examined within the time limits set by law. Complaints made without documented confirmation for the hotel and after a guests departure will not be accepted.
In the event that a guest requires room cleaning service, it is necessary to hang the “clean my room“order sign, found on the inside door handle of the room, on the outside door handle of the room.
In the event that a guest does not want room cleaning service or does not wish to be disturbed, it is necessary to hang the “do not disturb” sign, found on the inside door handle of the room, on the outside door handle of the room.
Visits to the hotel by non-registered residence must be announced to the hotel in advance.
Guests, in the case they are moving  in the hotel common areas,  are required to supervise their personal belongings, and put it off on a specified places only.
Valuables (especially jewelry, cash, credit cards and other such belongings) must be stored in the safe in the room. The hotel also features a hotel safe designed for the safekeeping of cash or other belongings. If so requested by a guest, the hotel can take into custody cash, jewelry or other valuables unless they are dangerous items or valued disproportionately compared to the value of accommodation. These items can include money or belongings (e.g. jewelry and other valuables). The hotel requires that belongings be handed over for safekeeping in a closed or sealed box. Guests must request that the hotel take charge of their belongings at the reception desk only. In case of loss of belongings guests must contact reception without delay to ensure prompt intervention by the police. The hotel will not be held responsible for valuables which were not stored in a safe or not handed over to an authorized member of staff at reception.)
A guest who causes damage to the hotel or its amenities, is required to pay for the damage before leaving the hotel.


It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms and non- designated smoking areas. In case of violation of the ban on smoking in rooms the hotel is entitled to charge the guest an additional payment in an amount corresponding to the price for room accommodation with breakfast / 1 night and according to the respective room category. This measure is in place due to the necessity to carry out general cleaning of the room, the room must be in a state fit for normal use by other guests.
Pets are allowed only after prior agreement with the hotel.
Before leaving the room, guests are obliged to ensure the windows are close, faucets and electrical appliances are turned off and check that, if in use, the room-safe is securely locked.
Guests shall not, without the prior consent of the hotel, and in the presence of hotel staff with responsibility for the safety of operation of the hotel, make any changes to room equipment, which includes interfering with electrical or other installations or moving furniture or equipment in their room, in hotel corridors and / or other areas of the hotel.
Guests are not permitted to use their own electrical appliances except normal electrical appliances for personal hygiene in their room. In addition, guests can use low wattage appliances serving personal consumption, such as battery chargers, cell phones, etc.
It is not permitted to leave children, under the age of 15 years, unattended in the room or in the communal areas of the hotel .
It is not permitted to manipulate open flame or fire in the hotel.
Guests are required to immediately contact reception in case of doubt on the safety of the hotel.


The relationship between the hotel and the guest shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic. For accommodation and other provided services, the guest is obliged to pay the price in accordance with the valid price list on the day of departure or at any time during their stay at the request of the hotel, unless agreed otherwise. The balance is payable upon submission of an official bill.
These accommodation regulations are available at reception and in the Guest Directory, at the moment of registration of guests at the hotel these accommodation regulations become part of the contractual relationship between the hotel and the guest.
When present in the premises of the Royal Savoy Restaurant, Savoy Restaurant and King ‘s Club Bar guests are required to wear suitable clothing with regard to the level of service of the hotel and its atmosphere. To maintain a decent atmosphere it is not permitted to enter the communal areas of the hotel in a bathing suit, bathrobe, tracksuit, polo shirt or trousers shorter than knee height. It is only permitted to enter the pool area and saunas in footwear specifically designed for these spaces, such footwear is available in the pool and sauna changing rooms. It is forbidden to use the footwear made available to guest in their rooms in the swimming pool and sauna facilities.
In order to avoid disturbing other residents with loud noises in communal areas of the hotel guests are kindly requested to use headphones when using iPads , smart phones, tablets or similar devices.


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