Week for the man health


7 nights / 8 days

Program includes*:

7× Luxury accommodation
7× Buffé breakfast + boarding as ordered
7× Complex spa treatment:
3× spa procedures per day,
3× medical examinations (initial, check-up and final),
1× basic laboratory blood test.
1× Vitamin D
1× Ateropanel
1× PSA oncomarker
1× Testosterone
1× Prolactin
1× Glycosylated hemoglobin
1× IINR blood coagulation
4× MagnetoStym – therapy of potency disorders
1× Sigmoideoscopy
1× Urology consultation
1× ECG
1× Body monitoring
1× Nutritionist Consultation


25m Swimming pool, Sauna, Steam bath, Whirlpool, Kneipp’s footbath, Contrast bath, Fitness centre and salt cave

*The attending physician reserves the right to formulate a treatment program depending on the patient’s health state.

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