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Sport & Nature

Sport Outside Resort

Here it is our special selection of sport and activities to enjoy our beautiful land

Golf currently belongs to the most popular sports and its number of fans continues to grow. Karlovy Vary and its surroundings have become a favorite,...
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If you like playing tennis or if you’d like to learn how to play, we recommend a visit to the Gejzír Park (Geyser Park) in...
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Cycle paths located in the spa forests surrounding Karlovy Vary are ideal for cycling trips. Their diverse difficulty levels – ranging from easy to de...
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Nordic walking
The combination of this highly popular sports activity and wonderful nature creates an ideal way to keep your body and mind fit and well-balanced. No...
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Winter sports lovers can go Alpine and cross-country skiing in the nearby Klínovec-Oberwiesenthal resort in the Krušné Mountains. There are numerous ...
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Horseback riding
Spend a perfect day horseback riding in the nearby community of Děpoltovice which hosts a top quality riding facility. We can assist in the organizati...
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If you pursue this relaxing hobby and would not like to give it up during your stay in the Savoy Westend Hotel, use this opportunity...
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Those who pursue the passion of hunting and succumb to the sacred silence of the forest will find themselves at home in the hunting grounds...
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Excursions & Trips
Karlovy Vary and its surroundings emanate its unique charm in every season, each one offering the visitors of the world-famous spa city an unmatched a...
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